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Drinking Dog & Co is happy to offer custom candles for any occasion. Whether you want to honour your best pup pal, are looking for a unique gift, or want to wow party guests with beautiful favours, we can create the perfect candle just for you.


To get started, we need the following:

  • Pay for your candles here.

    • Your pet's name will be required.

    • A pun or phrase for your pet (see list below for our list of puns, or send us your own!)

  • Once paid, email us a photo of your pet to We need a high-resolution photo of your pet's face to create your custom label. A large head on shot of the cutest face works the best. 

Custom candle pricing:

  • $28 per candle

  • 6 or more of the same label - $18 per candle  Pay for your candles here.

  • Candles do not have to be all the same scent, so feel free to mix and match from the scents below.

  • If you would like candles shipped to your loved ones, we can wrap it and add a post card per address. 

We offer the following great scents:

  • Sea Salt & Sage

  • French Lavender

  • Sandalwood

  • Pink Citrus

  • Satsuma

  • Tobacco & Vanilla

  • Vanilla Rose

  • Bergamot & Fir

  • ​Leather & Suede
  • Jasmine
  • Apple & Cinnamon
  • Osmanthus & Night Rose

Choose from our list of puns:

  • Friends Furever

  • Love you Furever

  • Pawsome

  • Pupararzzi

  • Looking Quite Fetching

  • Dane-ger is my middle name

  • Furever in my heart

  • Raise the Ruff

  • Puptown Girl

  • Pug Life

  • Pawsitive Vibes

  • Mutts About You

  • Paw You a Drink

  • Pit Happens 

  • Let Me Paw You a Drink

  • Let’s French 

  • Pardon My French 

  • Wolf Pack

  • Don’t Stop Retrieving

  • I Wuff You

  • You’re such a mal-tease

  • Quit hounding me

  • Living the pug life

  • Just pug-get about it

  • I shih tzu not

  • You have the corg-key to my heart

  • I don’t give a pit

  • Pit happens

  • I like big mutts and I cannot lie

  • Happy Anni-fur-sary

  • You are fur-bulous

  • Man’s best fur-end

  • I will never fur-get you

  • Oh paw-lease

  • Diamond in the ruff

  • I Labra -Adore you

  • Fur Better or fur worse

  • Chihuahua go on a date?

  • I chow chows you

  • You mastiff fallen from heaven

  • Our love will spaniel the ages

  • I’m a little pit in love with you

  • Dachshund through the snow SEASONAL

  • Feliz Naughty Dog SEASONAL

  • Happy Holidogs SEASONAL

  • Merry Woofing Christmas SEASONAL


  • Santa Paws is coming to town SEASONAL

  • Happy Colliedays! SEASONAL

  • Bark! The hairy angels sing SEASONAL

  • Merry Christmutts SEASONAL

  • Yappy Holidays SEASONAL

  • We woof you a merry Christmas SEASONAL

After placing your candle order, don't forget to send your picture to

Thank you for visiting!

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