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Drinking Dog & Co is happy to offer custom candles for any occasion. Whether you want to honour your best pup pal, are looking for a unique gift, or want to wow party guests with beautiful favours, we can create the perfect candle just for you.

Please submit email by Monday 9pm PST to have candles ready for the upcoming Friday.

Response times could take up to 48 hours. 





To get started, we need the following:

  • High-resolution photo of your pet's face to create your custom label. A large head on shot of the cutest face works the best

  • Your dog's name and breed 

  • A pun for your dog (see list below for our list of puns, or send us your own!)

  • Quantity of candles you would like

  • Delivery address so we can estimate shipping costs (please note due to COVID19, delivery times will take longer)

  • Please advise if you need express shipping (may incur additional costs)

Custom candle pricing:

  • $28 per candle

  • 6 or more of the same label - $22 per candle (please note, orders of more than 15 candles may take up to 2 weeks. Express is available at an additional cost).

  • Candles do not have to be all the same scent, so feel free to mix and match from the scents below.

  • If you would like candles shipped to your loved ones, we can wrap it and add a card for an additional $5 per address. (plus shipping costs) 

We offer the following great scents:

  • Sea Salt & Sage

  • French Lavender

  • Sandalwood

  • Pink Citrus

  • Satsuma

  • Tobacco & Vanilla

  • Red Currant & Thyme

  • Vanilla Rose

  • Bergamot & Fir

  • Leather & Suede

 Choose from our list of puns:

  • Friends Furever

  • Love you Furever

  • Pawsome

  • Pupararzzi

  • Looking Quite Fetching

  • Dane-ger is my middle name

  • Furever in my heart

  • Raise the Ruff

  • Puptown Girl

  • Pug Life

  • Pawsitive Vibes

  • Mutts About You

  • Paw You a Drink

  • Pit Happens 

  • Let Me Paw You a Drink

  • Let’s French 

  • Pardon My French 

  • Wolf Pack

  • Don’t Stop Retrieving

  • I Wuff You

  • You’re such a mal-tease

  • Quit hounding me

  • Living the pug life

  • Just pug-get about it

  • I shih tzu not

  • You have the corg-key to my heart

  • I don’t give a pit

  • Pit happens

  • I like big mutts and I cannot lie

  • Happy Anni-fur-sary

  • You are fur-bulous

  • Man’s best fur-end

  • I will never fur-get you

  • Oh paw-lease

  • Diamond in the ruff

  • I Labra -Adore you

  • Fur Better or fur worse

  • Chihuahua go on a date?

  • I chow chows you

  • You mastiff fallen from heaven

  • Our love will spaniel the ages

  • I’m a little pit in love with you

To place a custom candle order, email us at